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Setting Up Email Signatures in Kajabi


Every email that I send from Kajabi Mechanic has a nicely branded and "funky" as someone described it to me, email signature at the bottom.

But the question has been asked of me more than once, how do you get it to load on all your emails when you create them?

The answer for the time being is, "I doesn't automatically load when creating a new email."

So that I don't have to upload the images and add all the links behind the social media icons each time, there is a shortcut that I use. Here's what my email signature looks like:

I create a "Master Broadcast" email in my Email Campaigns.

Setting up your email signature ONCE in Kajabi

  1. Click Marketing in the menu
  2. Click Email Campaigns
  3. Click the + New Email Campaign blue button in the top right
  4. Select Email Broadcast and call it "Master Broadcast"
  5. On the Recipients page, just click Save and Continue - we are not actually going to send this email
  6. In the Subject line write "Master Broadcast"
  7. In the Body, create your email signature
  8. Click Save and Continue
  9. Preview your email and click Save and Continue
  10. Do not send your email, but instead click the No, keep as a draft button

When you preview your email, you can always send yourself a test email to check all links work, then go back and edit if needed.

Remember in your email signature you can include things such:

  • Social media graphics linked to your profiles
  • A graphical signature, looking like you have signed the email
  • Your contact details
  • A profile picture of yourself
  • A website address
  • A banner image or call to action button
  • A standard PS, PPS, PPPS... or however many you want to add

After you have set up this Master Broadcast you will always have something to simply copy from and paste into any other emails that you are creating in Kajabi.

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