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How to Release Weekly Course Content in Kajabi

When customers get access to your online course or programs, if it has LOTS of content inside, then they are going to get some great value. But if they access it and then see all the content you want to provide them, it could cause them to feel a little overwhelmed!

You don't want to put a new customer in a position of regretting their purchase!

The easiest way to avoid this is to release the content slowly and not all at the same time. Essentially, take your content, chunk it down and release it bit by bit - week by week or month by month - it's your choice. This is called "Dripping" your content.

And here's how you do it in Kajabi.

Dripping Your Course Content in Kajabi

  1. Click the Products option in the menu sidebar
  2. Select and click on the Product you want to amend the content of.
  3. Click the Green Checkmark for any published category to change to Dripped content.
  4. From the drop-down menu, click Drip.
  5. A box will appear where you can define the number of days you want Kajabi to wait before it makes that Category available. Choose the number of days and click Save.
  6. Repeat this process for all of the other categories that you want to drip to your customers.

Remember, week one of a weekly course should be published immediately. Week two is then available after 7 days, not 14. And if you want to release monthly, month one should be available immediately and then month two should be dripped on 30 days.

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